N-Trance DJ Set

N-Trance DJ Set

N-Trance DJ Set – Club classics favourites selling over 600,000 copies of “Set you free” will be appearing on Sunday on the main stage. 

Set You Free was recorded at Revolution Studios in Cheadle Hulme in July 1992, and it was pressed to 500 12" vinyl copies on promotional release. By now, N-Trance had developed their live shows and were gaining some popularity, and on their new label, "Set You Free" was finally released, in 1993, but it failed to enter the Top 40, reaching No. 83 in the charts. In 1994, "Set You Free" was re-released achieving a higher chart position of No. 39. N-Trance's next single was a Eurodance song called "Turn Up the Power" which featured vocals from Rachel McFarlane, of Loveland, and a rap by T-1K. This song was a fairly big hit, getting to No. 23.

After a few years of performing live over the UK, N-Trance's popularity and the reception towards "Set You Free" had increased significantly. The record was in popular demand, and after a third release of the song in 1995, the single became a huge hit, being played by television and radio stations, reaching No. 2 in the charts and being certified Platinum in the UK, after selling over 600,000 copies. The single was also released in other European countries and Australia.

The group recorded their first full-length album, Electronic Pleasure, in November 1995, which featured seven of the group's ever-expanding roster of vocalists (including David Grant), and musicians such as Vinny Burns and Snake Davis. Similarly, N-Trance's musical range expanded, embracing rap, disco and other styles in its scope.
The group's next single, a surprising cover of the Bee Gees hit "Stayin' Alive", was not only a massive international hit, but also featured a vocalist who would help define N-Trance's sound in the future, Ricardo da Force, formerly rapper with The KLF.

Upon its release in the UK it debuted at no. 2, and internationally it became one of the biggest UK exports of 1995, reaching no. 1 in Australia and being top 5 in a number of European charts.

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