The Opera Comic

The Opera Comic

The Opera Comic blend eccentricity with ornate musicality to deliver exciting and convention-shattering indie pop. Initially revealing only an illusive spiral image, the quintet (made up of Luke and Mitch Thompson, Jack Mattison, Nathan Francey and Mitchell Wright) crashed onto the scene with their debut single ''We are the Freaks'', a fun and frolicsome anthem which won the hearts of fans as well as the support of Clash magazine.

The Opera Comic continue to delight with their unique brand of debonair, intelligent and gritty indie pop. Their most recent single 'Fantasise!' is an irresistibly melodic tune that excites and electrifies with it's psychedelic undertones. The band have already secured themselves a loyal fan base and continue to wow crowds across the country with live shows combining smooth vocals, superbly well executed instrumentation and an undeniably theatrical flair.
Currently destroying the Manchester club scene. The Opera Comic have a unique sound with heavy guitar and electronica riffs accompanying melodic vocals and close nit harmonies.

Check this exciting band on the Willow Wobbly Stage on Saturday afternoon.

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